Wipro joins Duck Creek to aid with insurance solutions


Bengaluru-based IT company, Wipro Limited, entered into an alliance with Duck Creek Technologies, a software-as-a-service software company. Wipro will provide Duck Creek, a property and casualty insurance giant, with various implementation services as well as software and data solutions.

Wipro, which is considered the global leader in areas of information technology, consulting and services, and digital transformation, has partnered with Duck Creek for insurance solutions to its many clients in Europe and around the world.

Wipro has joined the Duck Creek Technologies Alliance Program and will provide support services, system configuration and system integration services to its insurance platform. Duck Creek’s platform provides solutions for rating, policy, billing, data insights, claims, and digital management.

The business processes services company, Wipro, and the Boston-based SaaS software provider, Duck Creek, will tend to the customer expectations of the insurance company clients of Duck Creek. Wipro will offer complete digitization along with moderation of the service design of the insurance solutions platform. Wipro is coming up with new ideas to work by using quick and adaptive approaches to gradually do away with current business processes.

Wipro is excited about the new partnership which will become a part of the insurance business of the software services company. They plan to foster their capabilities to provide the best solutions to Duck Creek’s customers in Europe and other regions across the world. Duck Creek, too, is thrilled about the alliance and is happy to welcome Wipro to the Program. They are hopeful of the business solutions that will be provided to them and the support offered by trained and certified professionals of Wipro.


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