All UPI-based bank apps to be brought under Bhim app


In a move to further promote the adoption of unified payments interface (UPI), all the Indian banks including, public and private, will soon align their UPI-based apps under the Bhim (Bharat Interface for Money) app.

Moving forward, the banks will change the name of their UPI-based digital payment solutions by prefixing Bhim to the existing names. For instance, Axis Bank’s ‘Axis Pay’ will be renamed as ‘Bhim Axis Pay’.

Bhim app
All UPI-based digital payment apps to align under Bhim app

As per the NPCI’s (National Payments Corporation of India) guidelines, all the banks will prefix Bhim to their digital payment solutions and start displaying the same on all major online checkout pages, alongside other credit and debit card payment options. NPCI, the developer of Bhim app, controls all retail payments in India.

The idea to align all digital payment solutions under Bhim is to promote UPI as the only method to conduct smartphone-based retail transactions and to further push the adoption of UPI-based digital payment solutions.

It will further provide single identity to all the UPI-based apps offered by different banks and will clear confusion among users and merchants accepting UPI-based payments.

Though the current change is mainly focused on rebranding, eventually all the UPI-based apps will come under the umbrella of Bhim. Once it happens, users will get access to government-run promotional campaigns, which are currently available only for Bhim app users.

Launched as a part of government of India’s Digital India initiative, the Bhim app is an UPI-based application that allows users to conduct cashless transactions using mobile phones. The app allows users to send and receive money using mobile number or payment address.

Since its launch in December 2016, the app has been downloaded more than 16 million times and acquired four million active customers. The app is highly supported by the NPCI and the central government, which announced Rs.500 crore cash back and bonus offers on the app.

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