Uber Eats announces accident insurance for delivery executives


Uber Eats, a food delivery application, announced that it has partnered with Tata AIG General Insurance to provide accident insurance cover to its delivery executives throughout India. The total coverage offered for each executive is Rs.5 lakh for permanent disability as well as death.

Uber Eats is proud to announce an insurance program for delivery executives. The implementation of the program is a key milestone of Uber Eats India and has been achieved quite early in the company’s journey in India.

Each Uber Eats delivery partner will be covered under the accident insurance plan from the very first order he/she delivers through the application. The policy will come into force once they get on the road to make a delivery for an Uber Eats customer.

Additionally, the policy offers hospitalisation benefits up to Rs.2 lakh and an outpatient cover equal to Rs.50,000. The insurance cover is offered free of cost to all the delivery executives of Uber Eats.

The insurance coverage has been active since September 10 throughout the country.

The company believes that the delivery executives are the centre of the business and hence they should be provided with such facilities to empower them economically. Also, the company’s objective is to be the preferred choice for any individual looking to become a delivery partner at Uber Eats.

Uber Eats is the food delivery platform of Uber, a cab services application. Uber Eats allows customers to glance through the menus of local restaurants and place an order for the desired dish. The delivery partner will then pick up the order from the partnered restaurant and deliver it to the customer.


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