Traveltech startup Pickyourtrail gets Rs.21 crore funding


If you’re looking to go on an international trip, then Chennai-based startup Pickyourtrail is a company that you should get familiar with. Founded by Srinath Shankar and Hari Ganapathi in 2014, the company offers travel assistance for those who wish to travel abroad and personalise their trip to suit their style of traveling. Through their platform, travelers can plan their itinerary and book tickets, with the best part being that the algorithm of the platform helps travelers know what the distance of their travel would be, track their bookings, know what the weather conditions of their destination would be, the best restaurants in and around their destination, and a chat support for any sort of travel queries.

Traveltech startup Pickyourtrail gets Rs.21 crore funding

The company is looking to consolidate its position in the market and have recently raised Rs.21 crore in their Series A round of funding. CEO of GoFrugal, Kumar Vembu, Freshworks CEO, Girish Mathrubootham, Entrust CIO, Rajagopal Subramanian, and iThought Founder, Shyam Sekhar, led the Series A round of funding for Pickyourtrail.

Since their inception in 2014, the co-founder has said that they have around 10,000 travelers onboard, with 95% being Indians, and the rest from the United States of America, Dubai, West Asia, and Singapore. The company is going to utilise the funding for product information and to tap into Tier I and Tier II markets in the country.

Source: The Hindu


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