Tech transfer deal between SAAB and HAL signed at Aero India 2017


Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) recently signed a transfer of technology (ToT) contract for  SAAB Grintek Defence’s Integrated Defensive Aids Suite (IDAS) system. The deal was signed for $8.5 million at the Aero India 2017, and aims to establish an in-country maintenance location for the IDAS.


The Indian Army Aviation Corps and Indian Air Force’s variants of the HAL-designed Dhruv Advanced Light Helicopter are outfitted with the IDAS – which was selected as the electronic warfare self-protection system for these units.

The program is set to run for 24 months, during which time the HAL base in Hyderabad will be retrofitted to service and repair SAAB IDAS systems. After the contract, HAL Hyderabad will be officially recognized as a SAAB-approved IDAS repair facility. CEO of SAAB Grintek Defence, Trevor Raman said that “The export of this technology to India bodes well for future manufacturing and skills transfers, and for building an ongoing mutually beneficial partnership in line with the ‘Make in India’ initiative.”

The deal states that SAAB will provide spares and critical components for the entire duration of the service life of IDAS to the Hyderabad facility for maintenance and repair of IDAS equipment for Indian end-users.

The deal further provides for the supply and commissioning of requisite testing infrastructure at the Hyderabad HAL facility in addition to training and documentation of HAL personnel.


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