State Bank of India Gets a New Digital Address


One of the largest banks in the country, the State Bank of India, decided to rebrand its corporate website as ‘’ replacing the existing ‘’

The current web address will remain functional till the customers become accustomed with the new secure web address.

This makes SBI the first banking organization in the country to use a Generic Top Level Domain (gTLD) for its world wide web presence, providing its customers with an exclusive experience of security.

Adopting a gTLD enables the bank use its corporate name (.sbi) as its website’s top-level identifier. Having a non-replicable web address would mean that visitors to SBI website would know it’s the web address they seek, not any scam or phishing site.

A generic top level domain is the last part of a web address, and was historically considered generic as their use was not restricted, like .com, .org and .net. Nowadays, the entire group of TLDs which do not have a country specific code are considered generic.


According to General Manager – Social Media, M.K. Rekhi, the SBI group has a number of businesses encompassing insurance and mutual funds and they may also opt for such gTLD in the future. It is also easier to type out for those seeking information related to SBI or do business with the bank, added Rekhi.

In a statement by Chairman Arundhati Bhattacharya, she said that being the largest banking system in the country, SBI has always been committed to spearheading the adoption of new technology. SBI believes in providing a secure yet high-tech internet experience and getting their own gTLD is another step in that direction.


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