Star Health’s new insurance policy for cancer patients


Star Health and Allied Insurance Company announced a new insurance plan exclusively designed for cancer patients.

Star Cancer Care Gold
Star Health’s new insurance plan for cancer patients.

The new policy, Star Cancer Care Gold, offers a coverage of Rs.5 lakh for people diagnosed with stage-1 and stage-2 of cancer. People of age group between five months and 65 years can purchase the policy. If the insuree is diagnosed with cancer, the company will pay half the entire insured sum as soon as the disease is detected.

Star Health is actively involved in developing insurance products for patients with terminal illnesses who have been treated but still are uncertain about their future.

Star Cancer Care Gold insurance policy comes with a unique feature which does not require customers to go through a pre-medical screening before signing-up for the policy. They just need to provide their medical history to let the insurer know any the kind of ailments or treatments they’ve gone through.

Besides cancer, the policy also covers risk of cancer recurrence, spread and second cancer. For non-cancer related diseases, it will provide regular hospitalisation expenses. Further, it offers coverage for surgical, non-surgical and interventional treatments for non-cancer ailments. It will also provide benefits of normal medical insurance such as accident cover.

The insurance company plans to reach out to as many cancer patients as possible with a network wide spread across every Indian state.

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