Since April 1, more than 17 lakh e-way bills have been generated


Following the introduction of the GST anti-evasion measure of e-way bills on 1 April 2018, transporters and businesses have generated more than 17 lakh bills. It was observed that the number of e-way bills generated have been on the rise. On 1 April there were 2.59 lakh bills, whereas the numbers rose to 6.5 lakh and 8.15 lakh on the following two days.

The maximum bills were generated in Gujarat, as 3.6 lakh bills were created here between the 1st and 3rd of April. Karnataka is the next state that had a large number of e-way bills with figures pointing to 2.65 lakh. Karnataka also happens to be the only state that has launched the generation of e-way bill for both inter-state and intra-state movement of goods.

Officials in the department estimate that there is a 5%-10% increase in the generation of bills each day.

e-way bill generation for interstate transport of goods

The anti-evasion measure of e-way bill generation was mandated from 1 April 2018. Transporters of goods that are worth more than Rs.50,000 are required to adhere to the provision. The bill should also be presented to any of the GST inspectors when required. The provision is expected to improve tax collections by keeping a tab on trade that involves cash dealings.

The GST Council had proposed a staggered implementation of the e-way bill. Once the e-way bill for inter-state transfer of goods is implemented and becomes stabilised, the intra-state provision will be implemented. The rollout for inter-state transfers was on 1st April and that for intra-state transfers may be on 15th April.

The nationwide e-way bill facility is governed by the GST Network with the assistance of National Informatics Centre (NIC). The provision was initially launched on 1st February, but was put on hold soon after, as the system had encountered glitches during permit generation. Subsequently, the system has been tested and made more robust. Currently, it can handle up to 75 lakh e-way bills on a daily basis.


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