SBI to conduct ‘Mega Customer Meet’ on May 28 to address customer queries


The State Bank of India (SBI) has announced that it would host a customer outreach programme aimed at improving its services and providing a chance for customers to air their concerns. The ‘Mega Customer Meet’ will be conducted on May 28 by SBI. Various senior functionaries of the bank will participate in the meeting and address the concerns of customers from different parts of the country.


The meeting will be held at over 500 locations throughout the country. It will be organised through 17 local head offices in different parts of the country. The bank aims to engage with over 1 lakh customers through this event.

Under this outreach programme, SBI’s senior staff members will interact with customers and understand their concerns. This initiative will also help the bank get valuable feedback from its customers. Customers can provide their feedback about various products and services offered by the bank.

The bank will also use this opportunity to educate customers about various alternative banking channels. The YONO SBI app is one such platform that provides digital banking services to customers. The app was launched in November 2017 and has over 2 crore downloads from customers across the country. In this customer outreach initiative, the features and benefits of using the app will be explained by banking officials.

The bank noted that sometimes the concerns of customers do not get fully resolved at the branch offices, and this initiative gives them the opportunity to air their concerns and get them resolved effectively.

SBI’s Managing Director of Retail & Digital Banking, P.K. Gupta, stated that this initiative will focus on improving customers’ trust in the bank and providing them with a chance to engage. He also added that this initiative indicates that SBI has the commitment to provide satisfaction and value to its customers.

Source: Economic Times


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