Rs.10 note to come with enhanced security features, RBI to issue it soon


You could soon be using new Rs.10 currency notes, with the RBI all set to launch them. These notes will come with enhanced security features, being a modified version of the old series.

The RBI plans to issue new Rs.10 notes. Old notes will continue to be legal tender even after the new notes are launched.

The inset letter ‘L’ will be present on both number panels, along with the signature of Governor Urjit Patel. Additionally, they will also bear the year of printing on the reserve side of the note. The RBI will issue them in the Mahatma Gandhi Series-2005.

Old Rs.10 notes will also continue to be legal tender, ensuring that people do not face the same problem they faced after demonetisation.

The new notes will feature numerals in ascending size on both sides of the panel. These will be from left to right.

Have colour-stained notes? Banks will accept them

Additionally, the RBI also stated that banks will accept notes which have been colour-stained after Holi. This comes after rumours that banks will not accept such notes were circulated on WhatsApp.

While banks will accept these notes, the RBI has asked individuals to desist from staining or colouring them on purpose.


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