Robbery at Bank of Baroda: A 25-foot tunnel dug to reach bank’s lockers


In a filmy-style robbery that took place in Bank of Baroda’s Juinagar branch in Navi Mumbai, robbers, who reportedly entered the bank through a 25-foot tunnel dug from the adjacent shop, looted about 27 lockers.

Bank of Baroda locker robbery
More than 27 lockers with more than Rs.40 lakh worth valuables were robbed.

The crime was reported to the police on Monday. As the bank was closed on Saturday and Sunday, the exact day on which the incident took place was not clear. The burglary came to the bank’s notice when the bank officer along with the customer entered the locker room on Monday morning and found the robbed lockers and the tunnel.

Based on the primary evidence, it was reported that the robbers rented a shop adjacent to the bank branch in May. Since then they were digging a tunnel to reach the bank’s locker room. On the day of the robbery, they’ve entered the bank through the tunnel and robbed about Rs.40 lakh worth gold and jewellery. The actual value is yet to be determined.

Banks hold no responsibility for the loss

RBI and the 19 public sector banks (PSUs), replying to an RTI (right to information) request in June this year, made it clear that banks are not responsible for loss of valuables kept in lockers as the relationship between the bank and the customer, with respect to the lockers, is similar to that of a landlord (lessee) and a tenant (lessor). The bank only provides a safe deposit box and the customer remains responsible for all the valuables kept in the locker.

The same information is mentioned in all the PSU’s locker hiring agreement which also mentions that customers are not entitled to any compensation for theft or burglary of the valuables kept in their lockers.

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