Reserve Bank of India issues warning against fake websites


The Reserve Bank of India (RBI), in a press release, warned customers against using fake websites which resemble the actual website of RBI. The fake website, going with the URL has a layout similar to the RBI, with it asking individuals to input certain information which could be misused.

The RBI has warned the public against using websites which have URLs similar to the official RBI website.

The fake website has a section for bank verification, through which it could be possible for the creators of the website to obtain confidential information of individuals. The RBI stated that it does not seek any personal information of individuals on its official website and the public should be cautious of websites mimicking the RBI.

Falling prey to fake websites could result in financial loss to customers and the public should be wary before entering any personal information.

The fake website had a provision for login information, through which it could extract the customer ID, PIN, transaction password, etc. The official website of the RBI has no provision for the same.

In addition to the aforementioned website, the RBI also warned the public against websites with URLs similar to the official website of RBI.

While the official website of RBI has the URL, there are websites with URLs like,, etc. It stated that all such websites are not affiliated with the RBI.


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