Private businesses required to pay Rs.20 for each Aadhaar verification


The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), on Thursday, issued a gazette notification that stated that all private organisations that use Aadhaar for verification will have to pay Rs.20 for each customer verification. Additionally, 50 paise needs to be paid for the authentication of an individual’s unique ID. The charges are inclusive of taxes. 

Organisations are required to pay the authentication transaction charges within a span of 15 days since the day the invoice is issued to them.

As per the notification provided by the organisation, companies will have to make the deposit of the authentication transaction within 15 days from the day the invoice is issued. If the payment is delayed, entities will be required to pay a compound interest of 1.5 per cent month. Also, e-KYC and authentication services will be discontinued for that particular firm. 

UIDAI’s notice also said that organisations can conduct authentication only after the privacy and security standards laid down by UIDAI are met by the entity. 

The ordinance has proposed the deletion of Section 57 of the Aadhaar Act which disallows the usage of the Aadhaar number for e-KYC, by private companies. 

If any private entity refuses to pay the transaction charges levied by UIDAI, it will be forced to discontinue using the Aadhaar authentication services and inform UIDAI of its’ decision immediately. 

Scheduled commercial banks that provide Aadhaar enrolment and Aadhaar update services will not be required to pay the transaction charges. However, if they do not meet the targets assigned on a regular basis, they will be required to pay proportionate charges. 

Sources: The Hindu and Economic Times


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