Petrol and diesel prices drop in metros


In what would be a sigh of relief for private and commercial vehicle owners in the country, the prices of diesel and petrol have dipped marginally in some metropolitan cities. According to Times Now, the price of petrol has dipped by 8-9 paise per litre on Tuesday – 29/01/2019, while diesel prices have dipped by 11 paise per litre.

Petrol and diesel prices drop in metros

In Delhi, the price of petrol reduced to Rs.71.19 per litre from Rs71.27 as of yesterday, and the price of diesel has dropped to Rs.65.89 from Rs.66. Following the dip in fuel prices, the price of petrol in Mumbai as of today decreased to Rs.76.82 per litre from Rs.76.90 (as of Monday) and the diesel price in the city stands at Rs.69 per litre compared to Rs.69.11 as of yesterday.

In Noida, the price of petrol is Rs.70.90 per litre while the price of diesel in the city is Rs.65.05. In Gurugram, the petrol price stands at Rs.71.93 per litre, while diesel is sold at Rs.65.66 per litre in the city as of today.

Source: Times Now


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