Petrol and diesel prices drop across various cities


For the fifth consecutive day, petrol prices have dipped by 10 paise to 14 paise per litre. The diesel prices, on the other hand, dropped for the third straight day.

Fuel prices have been dropping since 30 May 2018.

The price of petrol was cut from Rs.75.79 to Rs.75.69 per litre in Delhi. In Chennai and Kolkata, too, the price of petrol has dropped by 10 paise from Rs.78.65 to Rs.78.55 per litre in Chennai and from Rs.78.47 to Rs.78.37 per litre in Kolkata. The highest cut in petrol price is in Mumbai – the price was Rs.83.44 per litre but has dipped to Rs.83.30 per litre.

Diesel prices have dropped by 8 paise to 10 paise. The price stands at Rs.71.66 per litre and Rs.71.22 per litre in Mumbai and Chennai respectively, and at Rs.70.03 per litre in Kolkata. The price of diesel is lowest in Delhi, out of the 4 major cities, and is currently Rs.67.48.

Here is the tabulated data of the revised petrol prices in 4 major Indian cities:

City Petrol (Rs.) Diesel (Rs.)
Delhi 75.69 67.48
Mumbai 83.30 71.66
Kolkata 78.37 70.03
Chennai 78.55 71.22


The fuel prices witnessed an all-time high this year on 29 May 2018 when the petrol price was Rs.74.83 per litre and the diesel price was Rs.69.31 per litre. The petrol and diesel prices, which are mostly determined by the global crude oil prices, rose by Rs.6.46 per litre and Rs.8.21 per litre respectively. The rise in fuel prices also triggered inflation that hit 4.43 per cent, a 14-month high.

The revised petrol and diesel prices shall be applicable from 25 June 2018.

Source: Financial Express and NDTV Profit



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