Our Team

Saurabhi Samrah

Saurabhi writes to know what she thinks! Currently, she is into financial research and writing, and has been handling content for various financial products for a couple of years. Saurabhi has co-authored the book “The Plays of Mahesh Dattani: An Anthology of Recent Criticism”, and contributed to newspapers like The Hindu and The Assam Tribune. Saurabhi holds a PhD in Indian English Literature and Gender Studies and a Post-Graduate diploma in Journalism.

Carlton Diniz

With over five years of cumulative work experience in blogging, content writing and marketing, and online journalism, Carlton loves bad jokes, good books, and all dogs.


Leya Lakshman

After having worked in areas of technology in the banking and financial sector for more than 8 years, Leya currently likes to dabble in financial research and writing. Insurance policy brochures and Income Tax Act clauses capture her interest as much as watercolours and acrylic painting do.



Melinda Bartley

With 8 years of experience as a wordsmith and 2 years of experience in the finance sector, Melinda revels in the challenge of creating attention-grabbing, informative and energetic content. Her Master’s Degree in English finds itself useful in producing quality content. Her creative streak is present not just in her writing but spills over into designing accessories, recycling and crafts as well. Being a natural animal whisperer with an innate love for them led her to rehabilitate strays from as far back as she can remember. Her love for music drove her to moonlight as a band manager and a freelance DJ. Her life lesson: “Don’t dream big. Dream vividly”

Nishit Kunal

Nishit has accumulated experience in the field of journalism, content writing, and blogging over a period of time. When not working he is busy talking about sports, discussing movies, and cracking jokes.


Tanveer Masood

Tanveer is a writer and academic author who has been associated with the banking sector for several years. Writing is his passion and he frequently contribute articles to online magazines and newspapers. Apart from finance, he also likes to write about social issues, technology and politics. He firmly believes in the might of the written word and uses it to channelize his ideals, thoughts and opinion

Siva Saravanakumar
Siva is an experienced content writer with a management degree specializing in finance. He has a variety of interests ranging from gadgets to combat sports. An avid reader, Siva looks forward to learn new things everyday and use his writing skills in something creative.


Namitha has over 8 years of experience in working with news and content. When she’s bored of writing about personal finance, she shifts gears towards poetry and short fiction. She’s passionate about music, nature, culture and anything else that captivates her fancy. You’ll generally find her walking around BankBazaar with her nose buried in a book, though.

Having been a travel and lifestyle blogger for 3 years, Michael delved into the world of Finance as a challenge – to make the complex nature of the subject readable to the common man.  Apart from spending his time churning out Finance blogs and articles, Michael prefers to end his day playing his beloved six-strings, watching football and tapping his feet to 60’s and 70’s

Prarthana Gopal
A psychology graduate with experience in professional writing, Prarthana currently works with BankBazaar as a financial writer. When she isn’t at work writing about the nitty-gritties of various financial products, Prarthana likes to read novels, cook, and play with her cats.


Muktha Tavane
A graduate in humanities, Muktha has professional experience in the content writing industry and is a relative fresher in the financial writing sphere. She comes with oodles of energy and loves laughing. When she’s not working, she hatches plans to become the foosball champion at Bankbazaar or tells jokes mostly she laughs at.

Vandana N. D.
Vandana thinks that writing about finance is intriguing yet fun. Apart from writing financial content, she loves to click photographs, paint, and just muse about almost anything in the universe.


Kirutika K. S.
Kirutika is a professional writer with years of experience in website content writing. When she isn’t mulling over the complex and ever-changing world of finance, she likes to read fiction, write poems, sketch a bit, and  a lot