Proposed aviation rules: Refund for flight delays, No cancellation charges


As per the proposed civil aviation regulations, airlines will be required to refund the flight ticket if the cancellation is the fault of the airline. Further, no cancellation charges will be applicable if a ticket is cancelled within 24 hours of booking the flight ticket. The new charter chalked out by the aviation ministry comes as a relief to air passengers ahead of the summer vacation.

The proposed civil aviation regulations will come as a relief to the air passengers.

The proposal states that if a flight has been delayed for over 4 hours, the ticket has to be fully refunded. Also, if the passenger has been notified about the delay within two weeks prior and up to 24 hours of the original departure time, the airlines should provide an alternative flight within 2 hours of the departure time or offer a refund.

Earlier, cancellation charges were applicable for cancelling flight tickets but with the new proposal, no cancellation charges will be levied as long as the ticket has been cancelled within 24 hours after booking the flight. The downside, however, is that such benefits will not be applicable on flight tickets booked within 96 hours. Further, the ministry has proposed a regulation that disallows airlines from applying cancellation charges that exceed the base fare.

In addition to the refund benefits, airlines, after the implementation of the proposed rules, will be required to offer a compensation equal to Rs.10,000 if a connecting flight is delayed by 4 to 12 hours and Rs.20,000 if it is delayed by 12 hours.

The proposal for the new rules has been made by the civil aviation ministry and is expected to be implemented by July 15th, according to NDTV Profit.

The ministry also plans to push the ‘Digi Yatra’ for air passengers that allows them to enjoy hassle-free travel through value-added services and enhanced security. The ‘Digi Yatra’ initiative enables passengers to be identified by their Aadhaar number or passport number.


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