Linking of Aadhaar to bank account should be put on hold, AIBOC


The AIBOC, All India Bank Officers Confederation, placed demands on Saturday to put the mandatory linking of Aadhaar number to bank accounts on hold till the Supreme Court arrives at a clear decision.

AIBOC asks for the mandatory linking of Aadhaar number to bank accounts to be put on hold.

AIBEA, All India Bank Employees Confederation, expressed its concerns for the staff of the public sector banks as new instructions have stated that the banks must discontinue using private agencies for Aadhaar seeding and entrust this work upon the bank employees. Currently, private agents use the bank premises to carry out the Aadhaar seeding process. But in light of the latest instructions, the confederation stated that it was not acceptable to increase the volume of work of the employees who are already overburdened. AIBOC also spoke in tune with this stating that the workforce of these banks needs to be increased to implement the Aadhaar-related work or the Government needs to look for alternative ways.

The public sector banks have also voiced their opinions that their resources are under strain and to dedicate their staff to the Aadhaar seeding process will not be helpful in recovering NPAs. This could damage the health of these banks on account of the burden.

AIBOC also brought up the fact that Aadhaar Act 2016 was initially designed to take care of financial and other subsidies, services and benefits that are paid out of the Consolidated Fund of India. As per the Aadhaar Act, enrolment in the scheme is completely voluntary. The Supreme Court also issued a judgment recently in this favour. The AIBOC has questioned how the voluntary scheme is now being made mandatory for banking access and telecom services, as these two facilities were not covered under the act to begin with.

At present, the Reserve Bank of India has issued a statement that all bank account holders must link their Aadhaar number by 31 December 2017. After this date, all bank accounts that have not linked the Aadhaar number will become inoperable. Furthermore, anyone who wishes to open a new bank account must furnish Aadhaar details. The aim of this mandate is to help track and eliminate money laundering in the country.


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