Infosys to overcome H1-B visa restrictions by opening four new technology centres in USA, to hire 10,000 locals


Infosys, the country’s second largest software services company has found a new way to overcome restrictions on the H1-B visa, with the company planning to open four new technology centres in USA, aiming to hire 10,000 Americans.

Infosys will hire over 10,000 Americans at the new centres, boosting the local economy.

The move, confirmed by CEO Vishal Sikka states that the organisation will open these centres over a period of two years. These centres will focus on diverse areas, including financial services, technology and innovation, retail, energy, healthcare, and manufacturing.

The first centre will be located in Indiana, with it expected to be functional by August this year. Infosys aims to hire 2,000 locals to work in this hub by the year 2021. The locations for the other three centres are yet to be decided.

Infosys is one of the biggest beneficiary of the H1-B visa, with it having sent in close to 25,000 applications last year.

Over 85,000 H1-B visas are on grabs each year through a lottery system. While 65,000 are open for all, 20,000 are open only to individuals with US advanced degrees. The American administration under President Trump has alleged that Indian companies unfairly flood the system with applications, thereby making the system unfair.

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), which is the largest software services company in India was named alongside Infosys for sending excessive H1-B visa applications. Officials at Nasscom, however, stated that the US government approved only 7,504 visas to employees of these two organisations in 2014-15.

Infosys currently employs over 2 lakh individuals worldwide, with centres across the globe. It already has 15 offices and development centres in USA, with the North American market contributing over $6 billion in revenue to the company in 2016-17.


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