Indian Oil partners with Ola to set up India’s first electric vehicle charging station


Indian Oil Corporation, the government-owned oil and gas company, has announced the launch of India’s first electric vehicle charging station. The charging station was installed in one of Indian Oil’s petrol-diesel station in Nagpur. This charging station has been established by partnering with cab aggregator Ola.

electric vehicle charging station

Nagpur was the first city in India to introduce the electric public transportation model in India. Indian Oil said in a statement that the launch of India’s first electric vehicle charging station has added one more feather to Nagpur’s cap. The statement also applauded Nagpur for building the electric vehicle eco-system in India from the nascent stage.

The company’s annual report for 2016-17 mentioned its plan to set up electric vehicle charging stations in different parts of the country. The report also presented the company’s aim to manufacture and sell lithium-ion batteries suitable for electric vehicles. The company mentioned that these initiatives are in line with the vision of Green India, which is being promoted by the Indian government.

According to Indian Oil’s executive director Murali Srinivasan, the company focuses on promoting ecological sustainability in its business. He added that partnering with Ola will help the company take the right step towards the future.

The Indian government set up the National Electric Mobility Mission plan in the year 2013 to promote the use of green energy in vehicles. The government is planning to provide incentives for buyers who opt for electric and hybrid vehicles. By promoting the use of electric and hybrid vehicles, the government aims to achieve fuel security in the country.

The plan for 2020 focuses on launching about 6 to 7 million electric vehicles in the market. The government also has a vision of transforming India into a 100% electric vehicle market by 2030. The launch of the charging station signals the first step towards this plan.


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