Hindustan Unilever ranks 5th in the list of most valuable companies


Hindustan Unilever (HUL), a prominent Indian fast moving consumer goods company, recently gained a massive market capitalisation (m-cap) of Rs.3.06 trillion. This remarkable achievement of the company helped it in attaining a position in the top 5 rankings in the list of the most valuable companies in India as per market capitalisation.


The leading company that specialises in hygiene and personal care needs recently witnessed an increase of Rs.1,417 with a rise of 2% on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE). The company’s stock crossed its previous high, which was Rs.1,410 as on 30 January 2018. The current market capitalisation of HUL is Rs.306,280.82 crore. On the National Stock Exchange (NSE), the company witnessed a high of 1409.15.

HUL replaced Housing Development Finance Corporation (HDFC), a chief mortgage financing company based in India, to rank number 5 in the list that features top companies in the country by market capitalisation. The last percentage change witnessed by the company was 1.73. The popular company needs only an additional 6% in order to cross top multi-business conglomerate, ITC, which has a market capitalisation of Rs.3,23,169.73 crore.

The benchmark index of HUL was up 1.9% during March 2018 quarter. Meanwhile, the benchmark index of HDFC was down 0.22% over the same duration. In terms of volume growth, the company surpassed the market by attaining 9% on the anticipated volume growth.

Financial experts are of the opinion that the volume growth of the company will most likely be focussed on modern trade (MT), wholesale trade, channel rebalancing, and canteen stores department (CSD). A leading brokerage firm anticipates that HUL will gain a volume growth of approximately 5 to 6% YoY.


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