HDFC Bank launches new mobile banking app


HDFC Bank on Tuesday launched its new mobile banking app, with the new app offering additional features to users. The launch took place at HDFC’s Digital Innovation Summit which was held in New Delhi.

The new app comes with enhanced security features.

The app comes with improved security features, with it now boasting of a biometric log-in with facial and fingerprint recognition. The bank has also improved the navigation on the app, with it now having only three categories; Save, Pay, and Invest.

The app also has a new dashboard which offers a snapshot of the liabilities and assets an individual holds with the bank. It also provides notifications for bill payments, in addition to displaying customised profile pictures and customised notifications.

The app also has smart technology which chooses between RTGS, IMPS, or NEFT based on the timing and quantum of transaction.

Sources: LiveMint, TimesNowNews

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