HDFC Bank joins $100 billion club


The third company to do so in India, HDFC Bank joined the $100 billion market capitalisation club after Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) and Reliance Industries entered the club sometime last year. HDFC Bank has a current market value of $101.6 billion, with their local shares amounting to $87 billion and its American Depository Receipts (ADRS) taking it over the $100 billion mark.  

HDFC Bank joins $100 billion club

Currently, Reliance Industries is at the helm with their market capitalisation valued at $123 billion and Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) in second with a market value of $108 billion. In 4th place after HDFC Bank is Hindustan Unilever with a market value of $55 billion and in 5th position stands ITC with a market capitalisation amounting to $53 billion.  

Having raised Rs.15,000 crore through equities alone, HDFC Bank also entered the global top 100 companies in market capitalisationand is currently placed at 99, while Reliance Industries ranks 72 and Tata Consultancy Services ranks 86.  

Source: Business Standard 


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