Group Dental Insurance Policy Launched by OCARE.



13th December, 2016.

Now, consumers can purchase insurance for dental treatment provided they are member of a club or a housing society. OCARE – one of the independent insurance process as a service (IPAAS) platform comes up with the first dental insurance product in India that would cover all type of dental problems and treatment procedures.  It is the first independent insurance process provider offering insurance to groups and corporate organisations.  The newly launched dental insurance policy offered by OCARE is a group insurance policy that can be availed by paying an annual premium of Rs.1,699. The total sum assured offered by this group dental plan is Rs. 25,000 per annum.

It is not a family floater plan. When a housing society purchases this plan, each family member registered under the society needs to purchase it separately. To enjoy the benefits of dental insurance plan, a person should avail treatment from any dentists registered with the IPAAS platform. Based on patients’ preferences, the platform also provides the scope for registering new dentists with IPAAS platform, provided doctors have valid qualifications and work experience in the field of dentistry. The policy covers pre-existing dental diseases, and there is no waiting period involved.

How it works

The patient needs to first register with the IPASS platform and select a dentist. The dentist captures an image of the tooth or the issue that is creating problem by an intra-oral camera, and uploads it on the platform. Then, a treatment procedure is chosen based on options available in the platform. Now, the case has to be reviewed and approved by the OCARE review committee. Once, it is approved by the review committee, the concerned dentist would start the required procedure to resolve the issue. Once, the procedure is over, the doctor would upload an image of the post treatment stage on the same platform.  Now, the patient can pay the charges incurred in the whole process and get it reimbursed post approval of the OCARE review committee.


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