Government to promote colossal urban growth with the TOD initiative



National Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) Policy, a fresh initiative by the Centre to promote living in areas close to transit corridors is the new development component added to fuel urbanization. Its scope and nature of implementation will be explained at a national seminar on February 28, which will be attended by officials from states and union territories.

The public transport corridors that come under the purview of this project include metros, monorails, Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) corridors, etc. It will allow people to live within walking or cycling distance from these mass transit corridors. The policy was originally framed a few years back, but it underwent a series of changes based on the responses received from stakeholders and corporate entities.

Analysts consider TOD as a comprehensive solution to address the challenges of urbanization such as mobility issues, slapdash growth, traffic congestion, and air pollution among others. The government also looks forward to incentivize TOD under the New Metro Policy and the Green Urban Mobility Scheme.

Not only will TOD enhance living across transit corridors but it will also come out as a medium for financing mass transit projects which, at present, is in high demand. The project will also reverse the haphazard pattern of urban growth by integrating transportation with land use planning and infrastructure development.

The Urban Development Ministry, is considering the implementation of this initiative along 300 kms of metro lines in seven cities and another 600 kms of metro projects which are under construction. Also, many metro line projects which are currently under consideration are likely to come under the ambit of TOD. At present, the initiative has been adopted by some of the state authorities targeting cities like Ahmedabad, Delhi, Nagpur, Navi Mumbai, and Naya Raipur.


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