Government of India to Purchase 18 Bullet Trains for Rs.7,000 Crore from Japan


The Government of India will be purchasing a total of 18 bullet trains for a sum of Rs.7,000 crore from Japan. The deal will include a transfer of technology from Japan to enable local production of these trains. The 18 Shinkansen train sets will have 10 coaches each and will have a speed of 350 km per hour.

India to purchase a total of 18 bullet trains from Japan for a total cost of Rs.7,000 crore.

The Government of India will, thus, be floating a tender soon to buy high-speed trains from Japan, wherein manufacturers from Japan will participate in setting up assembly units for bullet trains in India.

Japanese Shinkansen trains are one of the safest trains in the world. The bullet trains, thus, will come with automatic protection systems that will ensure the safety of passengers. Meanwhile, the Indian Railways will also begin setting up assembling facilities for the bullet trains within the country on a public-private participation basis.

A government official has said that the Indian government will be inviting bids from train technology firms in Japan to set up assembling plans within the country. India is currently beginning work on its first-ever bullet train project that will connect Mumbai and Ahmedabad. The high-speed 508-kilometre train corridor for the same will be built with the support of Japan. Once functional, the bullet train will reduce the time taken to travel between the two cities to just about 3 hours.

For this project, the Indian Railways will require nearly 825 hectares of land in total. The railways are hopeful of acquiring the required land within December 2018 so construction work for the same can commence from January 2019.

The bullet trains will initially have 10 coaches that have a seating capacity of a total of 750 passengers. In the future, these trains are proposed to have a total of 16 coaches that will have a maximum seating capacity of up to 1,250 passengers. The trains will have executive seating and economy seating. The prices are expected to be comparable to Rajdhani Express’ base AC 2 – tier fare.

Sources: Moneycontrol, Business Today


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