Google to partner with Indian companies to offer voice assistant service


Google is currently in discussion with several Indian companies for the integration of its voice assistant service in products that are commonly referred to as consumer durables. These products include fans, air conditioners, and light switches. Google is also considering partnership with some telecom companies to enable customers to use voice commands to enquire about their monthly plans and bills.

The US company stated that it will first approach handset makers that utilise the Android operating system for the integration. The market for Android-based handsets in India is flourishing, and Google considers this to be crucial for the expansion of Google Assistant.

Google is looking to partner with Indian companies to introduce voice assistant service in consumer durables

Currently, Google is selling its Home products in multiple countries, including the US and the UK. The company has also planned the implementation of Hindi for the Home product in the latter part of 2018, indicating that India is considered to be an important market.

The VP of product management at Google, Rishi Chandra, mentioned that the company is looking to get into alliances with many local Indian manufacturers for the integration of the voice assistant service. However, the names of the companies that Google will partner with has not been revealed.

Chandra said that Google had recently introduced the Action on Google (AoG) Platform to the Indian market and this has been extensively used by telecom companies for offering voice-based support to customers. Monthly plan usage and outstanding bills are now being communicated through this technology. Google also has a tie-up with India Today, Gaana, Aaj Tak, and Saavn to stream content.

Google has assessed the interest of several Indian companies that want to get on board with the voice activation technology. Chandra said that once these products are ready, voice integration can be done through application programming interfaces within a week. He said that the convenience of being able to use voice commands for turning on the television or changing channels will soon be a reality.


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