Google acquires Bengaluru-based Sigmoid Labs


Google has recently acquired Bengaluru-based Sigmoid Labs, which is the company behind the ‘Where is My Train’ app. Google announced that the Sigmoid Labs will be joining a team that will build on the present offering and more. Both companies did not disclose details related to the transaction.

Google acquires Bengaluru based Sigmoid Labs, which is the company behind the ‘Where is My Train’ app.

Sigmoid Labs was founded by five former employees of TiVo Corporation, which is a US-based technology entertainment firm. Sigmoid Labs is based out of Bengaluru and has around 10 employees.

Where is My Train is a train-based app in India that has more than 10 million downloads. The app offers offline integration of the IRCTC and Indian Railways timelines by using information from cell towers to locate trains. Where is My Train also helps users pick the train that they wish to travel in with just the destination and source or even by just keying in partial train names.

For Google, Sigmoid Labs’ Where is My Train app will offer expansion and better utilisation of some of the company’s most highly-engaging platforms such as Maps and Search. The app will also help the company tap into tier-II, tier-III, and tier-IV markets in the country at scale.

Meanwhile, Google has also invested in startups such as Dunzo and Fynd in order to enhance its ecosystem in the country for hyper-local transactions that have a high frequency. The IT giant also acquired Halli Labs, another Bengaluru-based start-up, last year.

Sources: The Economic Times, Moneycontrol


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