Facebook appoints Ajit Mohan as India head


Facebook Inc. announced on Monday that Ajit Mohan has been appointed as the new Managing Director (MD) and Vice-President (VP) of Facebook India. He will report to his new role at Facebook early next year.

Ajit Mohan, the new MD-to-be of Facebook is a graduate in Advanced International Studies and has 20 years of experience.

Ajit Mohan is currently the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Hotstar, an online video streaming platform by Star India. He had worked earlier in McKinsey and Co. and Arthur D. Little. In total, he has twenty years of experience in major sectors such as media and consulting.

As the new MD of Facebook India, Ajit Mohan, will head the senior leadership team and will ensure the company continues investing and working on strategies for Facebook in India. Facebook India has one of the largest networks in terms of users of the social media website.

As the head of the leadership team, Mohan will help the company strengthen relationships with businesses, people, and most importantly the Indian government. Facebook was recently in the news for the controversy over misuse of users’ personal data and the government had asked for a clarification on whether the users’ data was utilised by any entity for any purpose whatsoever.

The sister concern of Facebook – Whatsapp was also in the eye during the controversy regarding misuse of users’ data and spread of fake news through the social media platforms. However, Ajit Mohan will only deal with Facebook and not Whatsapp.

The position taken by Ajit Mohan had been vacant for almost a year after the previous MD, Umang Bedi, quit 15 months after he joined as the MD.

Facebook opines that Mohan’s experience will help the company have a positive impact in the country and aid the popular social networking site eventually inch closer to their goal to bring people and communities together.

An alumnus of Johns Hopkins University and University of Pennsylvania, Ajit Mohan, is glad to be a part of a company he believes to have brought the world closer together on an advanced platform. Mohan looks forward to working with the company towards promoting business in India.


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