Dip in number of ATMs since May


As per a report released by the RBI, around 2,000 ATMs have closed shop across the country between May 2017 and February 2018. As per the report, there were 2,06,659 ATMs in India (as of February), both onsite and offsite.

SBI has the most number of ATMs in India, with it also having over 170 ATMs in other countries.

Onsite ATMs refer to those ATMs which are on the premises of the bank whereas offsite ATMs refer to those which are not on the premises of the bank. The total number of onsite ATMs stood at 1,07,630 as of February this year, with the number of offsite ATMs being 99,029.

The numbers for May 2017 were 1,10,116 and 98,360 for onsite and offsite ATMs respectively, with the total number of ATMs being 2,08,476.

May 2017 February 2018 Change
Number of onsite ATMs 1,10,116 1,07,630 Minus 2,486
Number of offsite ATMs 98,360 99,029 Plus 669
Total number of ATMs 2,08,476 2,06,659 Minus 1,817


In terms of banks, SBI leads the pack with the most number of ATMs, having a total of 26,505 onsite ATMs and 32,680 offsite ones.

Bank Name Number of onsite ATMs (as of Feb 2018) Number of offsite ATMs (as of Feb 2018)
State Bank of India 26,505 32,680
Bank of Baroda 6,436 3,508
HDFC Bank 5,870 6,550
Canara Bank 5,240 4,332
ICICI Bank 5,225 9,113

The decrease in the number of ATMs could be attributed to the increasing costs of running them. While banks previously opted for bigger spaces to set up offsite ATMs, this has been trimmed, helping them cut rental costs. Additionally, banks are also opting for e-surveillance over normal security guards, helping them save money here as well.

A few banks are also choosing to close ATMs in the night, especially those located in high-risk areas.

In terms of the number of debit card ATM transactions in February 2018, SBI registered the highest number.

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