CISCE asks ICSE schools to insure students


The Council for Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE) issued a notice to all ICSE schools urging them to provide insurance cover to their students. The comprehensive plan suggested by the council includes coverage for health, travel and accidents in order to aid parents in case a child faces a mishap.

CISCE highlighted the importance of insurance coverage for students and urged schools to provide health insurance for all students.

The letter, sent by Council Secretary Gerry Arathoon, states that all ICSE schools in the country are recommended to provide a comprehensive health insurance plan to each student. It has, however, been made compulsory for students who participate in the 64th National School Games to be insured. Participation in the national-level sports event will involve a lot of travel and students at each venue will be checked to ensure they are insured as it is a pre-condition of the event organized by the School Games Federation of India (SGFI).

Arathoon said, in a statement, that the idea to get students insured was brought up after CISCE became one of the members of SGFI.

Providing insurance coverage to students is important as they are not restricted to academics and participate in many extra-curricular activities too. Certain sports activities are prone to accidents and it is, hence, imperative to provide coverage. The travel benefit in the plan will also provide protection against any mishaps that could occur while travelling to and from an event or during the home to school commute.

If all ICSE schools in the country, which add up to over 2,000 schools, provide insurance to their students, over 2.5 million children will be insured.

The notice issued by CISCE does not mention who will bear the costs of insurance. So, while a few schools welcomed the move, a few others are anxious about the parents’ reactions in case the fees are hiked for the sake of insurance.


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