CBSE Board Teams Up with Google For Exam Results

The tech giant and the education board are collaborating to bring about seamless dissemination of information to students.

Google made an announcement on 30 April that it would be teaming up with the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) to help students check exam results on their search page.

Effective immediately, students studying under the CBSE board will be able to use the homepage of the search engine to obtain results of the JEE Main exams. Representatives for the tech giant added that the collaboration with CBSE is to help students locate the results of their exams through a computer or any internet enabled mobile device.

Google stated that it has worked closely with CBSE to ensure that students can access information related to their exam results seamlessly. Moreover, they have also ensured that the data has been handled securely and that the feature will only be available for a short duration.

Furthermore, students can also make inquiries about test registration dates, links to test related sources, and test dates for exams such as the CAT, SSC, CGL, and GATE using an additional feature on Google.

According to Google search Product Manager, Shilpa Agrawal, Google is looking towards creating a reliable and seamless platform that can be accessed by the 260 million students enrolled in various schools across India. The main goal of the collaboration is to provide students with safe access to all education-related information.

The Senior Public Relations Officer at CBSE, Rama Sharma also made an announcement stating that the reason for the collaboration with Google is to bring about a “smooth dissemination of results through an easy and secure platform”.


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