Banks will not be shut for 6 days in the first week of September


Banks will remain open on most days in the first week of September in contrary to the WhatsApp forward doing the rounds that banks will be shut from September 2 to September 5 and then on September 8 and September 9.

The Vice President of the National Organisation of Bank Workers, Ashwani Rana, has reiterated the fact that the social media forward that banks will be closed for nearly a week in the first week of September is false.

The fake message that has gone viral elucidates the reason for each of the holidays saying September 2 is a Sunday, September 3 is Janmashtami, September 4 and September 5 are days of strike declared by bank employees, and September 8 and September 9 is the weekend. The message urges people to stack up cash as necessary as ATMs may go dry during this week due to high number of withdrawals.

In reality, September 2 happens to be a Sunday which is a regular holiday for all banks and so is September 9. Though September 3 is Janmashtami, not all banks will be closed. Only a few banks, mostly in North India, may be closed. Further, the claim that banks will be closed on September 4 and 5 due to a strike called for by all bank employees is largely false.

The employees of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) have applied for mass casual leaves in protest for demands with regard to PF and pension. This has been misunderstood as a nation-wide bank strike. When in reality, only RBI employees will be on leave and this will in no way affect the regular functioning of the banks across the country.

Hence there is no need to worry that banks will remain closed for the major part of the week or that the ATMs may run out of cash.

Source: Economic Times


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