Bank Employees Call For All-India Strike On Feb 7


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Employees of various banks have called for an all-India strike on the 7th of Feb, 2017. The reasons they cited for having taken this step is that they are not happy with the way banks have been handling demonitisation and other operations. They have alleged that even though there was a lot of appreciation for them when they worked long hours to help people deposit their money, they are not being given anything in terms of compensation for the long hours worked. They have also pointed out that most of the ATMs are still starved of cash, as are the branches of various banks. They say that while banks struggle to get money for the branch and for the ATMs, there are people who are roaming around with vast amounts of money in the new currency notes. They have also alleged that while the common man has suffered much as a result of demonitisation, people who have been defaulting on big loans have not faced any action. Their ire is also being sparked by their claim that in the wake of bad loans, banks are selling Non Performing Assets (NPAs) and writing off loans instead of taking action against the defaulters.

Their demands from the strike are that the government should make sure that all banks and ATMs are supplied with sufficient currency right away. They also want banks in rural sectors to receive such attention too. They also want the government to stop trying to dilute the role and authority of the RBI along with initiating investigations into those with large sums of new currency. They also want the government to announce compensation for those that lost their lives as a result of the demonitisation. Another one of their demands is that the names of those who have defaulted on loans greater than Rs.1 crore be published by the government or by the banks.


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