Bangalore will host Tata Elxsi/Panasonic’s AI and robotics facility


Tata Elxsi and Panasonic have announced that their brand new Offshore Development Division, which is an R&D facility for artificial intelligence and robotics research, will be located in Bangalore, and the factory engineering processes will be carried out by the plant in Jhajjar. These two plants together will form Tata Elxsi and Panasonic’s Indian R&D establishment.

Tata Elxsi and Panasonic have decided to drive R&D processes for AI and robotics out of Bangalore to improve their existing line of robotic household appliances and machine systems. Tetsuro Homma, Senior MD at Panasonic, says, “The launch of the R&D center in Bengaluru aims to grow Panasonic’s business in the ISAMEA (India, South Asia, Middle East and Africa) region with a medium and long-term strategic view,” adding that, “The new R&D Center will accelerate Panasonic product innovations in newer categories and will help the appliances industry in its growth.”

Panasonic’s existing line of home appliances will be designed, engineered, and quality-checked at the Jhajjar facility, and the Bangalore unit will develop technologies and conduct research in the fields of artificial intelligence and robotics – not just for the Indian market, but for Panasonic’s global market as well. Panasonic has stated, “Robotic household appliances, (…) interactive and machine technology have already been a part of the shelves of Panasonic’s Artificial Intelligence-based innovations and now the company will aggressively be focusing on driving R&D in India on this platform.”

The Panasonic statement also read, “Through artificial intelligence, home appliance will be able to improve its utility and performance for individual users over time, based on the data that it gathers through the individual consumer’s daily usage habits and patterns,” lending credence to the theory that the Bangalore facility may be at the forefront of developing ground-breaking human-machine interface technology.

Madhukar Dev, CEO and MD at Tata Elxsi, says, “Panasonic India, with its Japanese reputation of technology and innovation, is an important partnership for us, and together with technologies like IoT (Internet of Things), we aim to drive the next generation of home appliances from India to the global market.”



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