ATMs in cities not to be replenished after 9 p.m from February next year


Following the recent attacks on the vehicles carrying cash to replenish ATMs, the Home Ministry has issued strict directives to enhance the security of the process. The Home Ministry, a few days back in a statement, said that from 8 February 2019, no ATMs in the cities will be replenished after 9 p.m, while for rural areas the cut-off has been set to 6 p.m and for Naxalite-affected areas, the cut-off to replenish ATMs has been set to 4 p.m.

Amongst the list of directives with regard to the security of the process of replenishing ATMs with cash, the Home Ministry has strictly instructed that each cash van should have a minimum of 2 security guards that will be armed, and preferably those that are ex-servicemen. One guard should be at the rear of the vehicle while the other should be seated beside the driver of the cash van, and at all times, the van has to be be guarded by at least one guard.

ATMs in cities not to be replenished after 9 p.m from February next year

The cash van has to have 5 CCTV cameras with a minimum five-day recording facility and to enhance the security of the cash van, it will be fitted it a GPS tracker, emergency lights and fire extinguishers.

With regard to the security guards, a proper background check will take place prior to their employment. Applicants for the job have to submit their Aadhaar card, proof of residence, employment history, fidelity insurance certificate and their credit history. Lastly, at no point can a cash van carry more than Rs.5 crore.

Source: Indian Express


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