Now consumers can lodge complaints against suppliers not passing GST benefit


To ensure that the benefits of reduced goods and services tax (GST) are being passed to the consumers, the government came up with anti-profiteering measures to keep a check on the suppliers who are not passing the tax benefits to the consumers.

The Anti-Profiteering Application Form (APAF-1) is available on the CBEC website

The Central Board of Excise and Customs (CBEC) released an Anti-Profiteering Application Form (APAF-1) through which consumers can raise complaints on the suppliers, who are not selling the goods and services as per the revised GST rates.

The complainants should fill the application with his/her personal details, the supplier details, particulars of goods/services including pre-GST and post-GST prices of the product; and other relevant details.

Self-attested supporting documents of all the above mentioned details including identity proof, invoice from the supplier, etc. should be attached to the application. A separate application form is required for different products/services.

If the complaint is local in nature, the anti-profiteering application should be sent to State level Screening Committee and if it has all-India character it should be submitted to Standing Committee on Anti-profiteering at the following address.

Address: Standing Committee on Anti-profiteering, Second Floor, Bhai Vir Singh Sahitya Sadan, Bhai Vir Singh Marg, Gole Market, New Delhi -110001.

Phone: 011-2371537, Fax: 011-23741542

Email: [email protected]

The list of State Screening Committee on Anti-profiteering is available here.

The applications received by both the committees will be forwarded to CBEC’s Director General of Safeguards for further investigation. Based on the investigation report, the National Anti-profiteering Authority will pass appropriate order. If the supplier is found guilty, it may order:

  • Reduction in prices of the product/service
  • The supplier to return the amount not passed on with an 18% interest to the complainant
  • Impose penalty on the supplier or
  • Cancel the registration of the supplier

Last month, the GST council reduced tax rate on more than 170 goods from 28% to 18%. A large number of other items also witnessed a GST reduction from 18% to 12%, 12% to 5% and the like.

However, with more and more suppliers not passing the reduced tax benefit to the consumers, the Excise and Customs department formed a National Anti-profiteering Authority to protect the interest of consumers. Headed by a senior revenue officer, B.N. Sharma, the authority was set up in last week.

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