After IOC, HPCL begins door-delivery of diesel


You could soon get diesel delivered to your doorstep, thanks to a new initiative by Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited (HPCL). The company recently launched ‘HP Fuel Connect’ under which it will deliver diesel to establishments in Mumbai. Launched on a trial basis, the plan is to expand it across the country.


Door-delivery of fuel could help reduce congestion in petrol stations.

Currently, only those individuals/entities with fixed equipment or heavy machinery which require diesel can avail this service. HPCL will use a diesel dispenser mounted on a truck to deliver fuel.

Primary users of this facility could include tech-parks and malls which house huge diesel powered generators. Alternately, HPCL is also looking at transport companies which rely heavily on diesel for their operations.

Indian Oil Corporation provides a similar facility in Pune, having launched it in March this year.

HPCL hopes that the service will be beneficial to those who currently rely on barrels to transport diesel to their place of use, helping them save not only time but also money on transportation.

While government officials have opened up to the idea of delivering fuel at home (to avoid rush at petrol stations), home delivery of petrol and diesel require approval from the Petroleum and Explosives Safety Organisation (PESO). Currently only diesel has been cleared for home delivery by PESO.

It is not just IOC and HPCL which have ventured into the home-delivery territory, there are a few startups which provide similar services. MyPetrolPump currently offers its services in Bengaluru, with plans to expand to other cities.

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India is currently home to over 60,000 petrol stations, having registered a 45 per cent growth in the same since 2012. Only China and USA have more petrol stations than India. While IOC has around 26,000 stations, HPCL has around 14,500 stations.


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