Only 4 in 10 vehicles in India insured


If you are driving on Indian roads and are involved in an accident, there is more than a 50% chance of said vehicle having no insurance, this according to a report prepared by General Insurance Council. The report shows the stark disregard to rules in our country, with only around 40% of all vehicles in India having a valid insurance. While the number of vehicles on our roads is increasing on a daily basis, there is no corresponding increase in safety features, with insurance penetration being abysmally low.

With the number of accidents increasing, an insurance policy is a necessity and not a luxury.
With the number of accidents increasing, an insurance policy is a necessity and not a luxury.

India’s roads are rated as some of the most unsafe in the world, with the country witnessing the most number of road deaths anywhere. With one person dying on our roads every 4 minutes, insurance not only becomes a precaution but also a necessity. Take a look at some of the stats when it comes to accidents in India in the last few years.

Parameter 2014 2015
Number of accidents recorded 4,89,400 5,01,423
Number of fatalities 1,39,671 1,46,133
Injuries 4,93,474 5,00,279
Number of deaths per 100 accidents 28.5 29.1


According to data released by the Transport Research Wing of the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, the number of people who die in accidents per lakh of the population increased fourfold from 1970, with 11.7 out of 1 lakh people dying in road accidents in 2015.

Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra account for over 25% of all accidents in the country, followed by Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka and Kerala. In terms of deaths recorded, Uttar Pradesh topped the charts, followed by Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Karnataka, and Rajasthan in 2015.

Contribution to accidents – Two-wheelers Vs four-wheelers

Two-wheelers accounted for a major portion of accidents in 2015, followed by Light Motor Vehicles (cars, jeeps, etc.). In addition to contributing to accidents, two-wheeler users also accounted for a significant portion of injuries and deaths due to accidents.

Vehicle category 2014 2015
Two-wheelers 27.3% 28.8%
LMVs 22.7% 23.6%


Motor rules and insurance

The Motor Vehicles Act of 1988 makes it mandatory for all vehicles to have an insurance in order to be used on our roads. While the main purpose behind this is to ensure that any cost involving the vehicle can be met by the insurance, it also plays a key role in overall safety standards. Any vehicle, be it for commercial use or private use should have a mandatory Third-Party Insurance. One can face a fine of Rs.1,000 and/or an imprisonment for 3 months if they are found violating this rule.


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